Kokum's House was opened July 1. 2015. This home was meant for the temporary stay for men until they found work, a home, or moved on. This home was created to provide a safe place for men in need, supporting sober living. Kokum's House was intended for men, however has housed women in emergency situations.


As the year progressed, men from Saskatchewan, St. Paul, Bonnyville, Kehewin, Edmonton, Vancouver, Fort McMurray, Elizabeth Settlement, Montreal, Cold Lake First Nations, Frog Lake, and more have come into Kokum's House. Some men used Kokum's House as their home while waiting to attend rehab centers within the area. Some felt it was too risky to find a place to live without money before they could find permanent work. Others had some government funding such as AISH, but felt they were unable to succeed independent living and have made Kokum's House their home. Those individuals have been allowed to stay on a room and board basis. Kokum's House is a place for any man that finds himself in a homeless situation. Not just for Indigenous men, as some assume it to be. While men stay at Kokum's House they are encouraged to be independent and responsible. Some responsibilities include; household chores, volunteering, and active job search.


There is currently eight rooms available at a time. We are actively looking at ways to expand so that Kokum's House can provide more help in a more effective way. There is a large demand for this type of facility serving the area between Fort McMurray,AB and Lloydminster, AB. With support from several entities across Northern Alberta, the expansion of Kokum's House is becoming a reality.

Zane Thain - Manager

Ph: (780) 594-7526

Cell: (780) 573-3352

Email: zaner901@gmail.com

Contact Kokum's House at (780)594-2160
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