The Youth Learning & Resource Center has been running since 1999. The Youth Center has trained approximately 300 youth since inception. This project has created an alternative program for youth in partnership with Alberta Distance Learning. The Youth Center offers courses for junior to senior high students who are having difficulty in standardized schools. The Youth Center has expanded to help with life skills programming.

Acceptance is by interview only. Contact below.



CALL (780) 594-7526 and ask for "The Classroom"

Alberta Aboriginal Youth Council

The Alberta Aboriginal Youth Council is composed of one youth voting delegate (aged 14 – 29) appointed or elected by each Member Centre for a two year term.

The Alberta Aboriginal Youth Council is mandated to: provide a youth voice and an opportunities to advise the Board of the ANFCA, on the affairs of the Association that affect the youth members of local Friendship Centres; to help the Association represent and advocate at the provincial level for youth and the issues faced by youth members of local Friendship Centres; to encourage growth and leadership within the Alberta Aboriginal Youth Council through training and mentoring; and to foster a two-way working relationship with the ANFCA Board and Friendship Centre members. (

The Cold Lake native Friendship Center Youth Delegate is Amy Delver

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